About Lauren

About Lauren

Living and working in the space between academics and the private sector, I am consistently dedicated to excellent writing and a creative engagement with content.

I am currently employed as a Content Specialist at the Cleveland office of Fahlgren Mortine, a marketing and advertising agency based in Columbus, Ohio. I draft copy ranging from web pages to blogs to advertisements and more for a wide variety of B2B clients. I also work part-time at Sheetz, where I love interacting with my customers and providing "Total Customer Focus." And because of that 'Millennial Hustle', I also do freelancing (mostly writing and crafting).

I am also a rhetorical critic and critical masculinities scholar. My work is primarily at the intersection of popular culture, mid-20th-century American history, and the U.S. presidency. I wrote my dissertation on American masculinity during the Nixon presidential years.

My other academic commitment is to Harry Potter Studies - though I stand with those like MuggleNet in disavowing the author's bigotry and remain committed to avoiding purchases that support her financially. Harry Potter Studies is not connected to the author and is a highly interdisciplinary and inclusive area of scholarly inquiry. Currently, I have five publications in this field:

I am also the Assistant Coordinator of The Harry Potter Academic Conference at Chestnut Hill College. You can find more about my academic work on my CV.

I am a highly organized, creative person, and I value fairness, practicality, and respect for other people's time and effort. See my resume for more on my work accomplishments.

As part of a big, Italian family from Youngstown, Ohio, spending time with the people I love is an important part of my life. I also enjoy a good cup of tea (or glass of wine or bourbon!), creating various craft projects, a great pair of high heels, and pretty much all cats, especially my gal, Kreacher.

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