About Lauren

About Lauren

Living and working in the space between academics and the private sector, I am consistently dedicated to excellent writing and a creative engagement with content.

I am currently employed as a content writer/editor and acting Marketing Manager for Inedo, a DevOps company based in Berea, Ohio. I create and edit all kinds of projects and enjoy working on my team to help grow our company. I also work part-time at Sheetz, where I love interacting with my customers and providing "Total Customer Focus."

Academically, I am a rhetorical critic and critical masculinities scholar. My work is primarily at the intersection of popular culture, mid-20th-century American history, and the U.S. presidency. I wrote my dissertation on American masculinity during the Nixon presidential years.

My other academic commitment is to Harry Potter Studies. This is a highly interdisciplinary and inclusive area of scholarly inquiry. Currently, I have five publications in this field:

I am also the Assistant Coordinator of The Harry Potter Academic Conference at Chestnut Hill College, which just wrapped up its 8th successful conference. I'm proud to be a regular guest on The Deconstruction Workers podcast. You can find more about my academic work on my CV.

I am a highly organized, creative person, and I value fairness, practicality, and respect for other people's time and effort. See my resume for more on my work accomplishments.

As part of a big, Italian family from Youngstown, Ohio, spending time with the people I love is an important part of my life. I also enjoy a good cup of tea, creating various craft projects, a great pair of high heels, and pretty much all cats.

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