Consulting Services

Get expert assistance with public speaking, speech-writing, and editing for written work. Please contact me via email to book any these services.

Consulting Services

I am available for contract-based public speaking training, writing, editing, and public speaking performance work. Costs for each project will be negotiated with the client.

My available services include:

Public Speaking

For when you’re preparing a work presentation, looking to attract new clients through good conversation, or are feeling nervous about giving a wedding toast and everything in between.

    • I can assist you as you prepare for public speaking situations.
      • Speech writing and/or editing, because being a good writer and being a good speech writer are quite different
    • Speech preparation
      • As an experienced public speaking teacher and a skilled public speaker, I work with clients to make practice get better results. 
    • Visual aid preparation
      • I am especially skilled with Microsoft PowerPoint, a great platform to integrate multimedia presentation aids.
    • Direct public speaking engagements
      • I have almost 20 years of performance experience and numerous awards and acknowledgments for my public speaking and presentations.

Hiring expert writing services can help your content stand out from the crowd.

    • Web copy
      • I also have experience with SEO and WordPress.
    • Various business documents (you supply the content; I supply the words)

Sometimes we know what we want to say, but it simply doesn’t come out right. Editing services can help “smooth out” your writing. 

    • Web copy
      • I have experience with SEO and WordPress.
    • Various business documents (you supply the content; I edit the words)


I taught at Penn State University for eight years (including summer teaching), and I spent most of my time teaching public speaking. The high quality of my teaching earned me the Kathryn DeBoer Teaching Award, and I also served as the CAS 100 (Public Speaking) Course Assistant. Over the past eight years, I have coached students who qualified to the semi-finals and final round of Penn State’s Public Speaking Contest. My one-on-one, repetition-based approach allows me to learn and meet the particular needs of each speaker. For student testimonials on my teaching, please see the “Teaching” section of this website.

I also have many public speaking awards to my name. During high school, I qualified to the Ohio state forensics tournament in humorous interpretation three times and to the national level twice. I earned fourth in the state of Ohio in 2010 and 26th in the nation that same year. In college, I won two awards for my presentation skills, at both the department and college levels. I also delivered the Class of 2011 commencement address. During graduate school, I earned a third prize at the Penn State Graduate School’s graduate exhibition.

For a brief example of my writing, editing, and verbal presentation and presentation aid preparation skills, see my In Media Res presentation on “canon” in Harry Potter.