Consulting Services

Most people fear public speaking. Having expert assistance as you prepare for an engagement can make a world of difference. My consulting services are here to help. Please contact me via email to book any these services.

Consulting Services

I am available for contract-based public speaking training. Additionally, I provide writing, editing, and public speaking performance work. Costs for each project will be negotiated with the client.

My available services include:

Public Speaking

Whether you’re preparing a work presentation, looking to attract new clients through good conversation, or are feeling nervous about giving a wedding toast, my public speaking consulting services can help you.

    • I can assist you as you prepare for public speaking situations.
      • Speech writing and/or editing, because being a good writer and being a good speech writer are quite different
    • Speech preparation
      • As an experienced public speaking teacher and a skilled public speaker, I work with clients to make practice yield better results. 
    • Visual aid preparation
      • I am especially skilled with Microsoft PowerPoint, a great platform to integrate multimedia presentation aids.
    • Direct public speaking engagements

Hiring expert writing services can help your content stand out from the crowd.

    • Web copy
      • I also have experience with SEO and WordPress.
    • Various business documents (you supply the content; I supply the words)

Sometimes we know what we want to say, but it simply doesn’t come out right. My editing services can help “smooth out” your writing. 

    • Web copy
      • I have experience with SEO and WordPress.
    • Various business documents (you supply the content; I edit the words)


I taught at Penn State University for eight years (including summer teaching), and I spent most of my time teaching public speaking. The high quality of my teaching earned me the Kathryn DeBoer Teaching Award, and I also served as the CAS 100 (Public Speaking) Course Assistant. Over the past eight years, I have coached students who qualified to the semi-finals and final round of Penn State’s Public Speaking Contest. My one-on-one, repetition-based approach allows me to learn and meet the particular needs of each speaker. For student testimonials on my teaching, please see the “Teaching” section of this website.

I also have many public speaking awards to my name. During high school, I qualified to the Ohio state forensics tournament in humorous interpretation three times and to the national level twice. I earned fourth in the state of Ohio in 2010 and 26th in the nation that same year. In college, I won two awards for my presentation skills, at both the department and college levels. I also delivered the Class of 2011 commencement address. During graduate school, I earned a third prize at the Penn State Graduate School’s graduate exhibition.

For a brief example of my writing, editing, and verbal presentation and presentation aid preparation skills, see my In Media Res presentation on “canon” in Harry Potter.