I may be contracted for four types of freelancing work: writing, crafting, tutoring, and public speaking. Each contract will be negotiated on an individual basis. Please contact me to discuss freelancing jobs!


In addition to my private sector work, I hold a Ph.D. in a writing-based discipline. I specialize in the software/technology industry but may be contracted for any type of freelance writing.


I am an avid crafter, and I love sharing my work with others! My portfolio spans many media and subjects, so let's discuss what I might make for you!

Crafting abilities include:

  • Cross-stitch
  • Painted ornaments/décor
  • Felt plushies
  • "As Seen on Pinterest"-type projects
  • Earrings

Sample projects:

A small blue plushie of a prawn with an Imperial Navy insignia on his chest, a Star Wars joke a detailed cross stitch of an orange cat in a blue bowtie five tiny Harry Potter-inspired crests cross-stitched with House traits above and below
MR & MRS letters on cut wood with burlap dangle earrings, made from the bottle caps of Bell's Brewery Winter White Ale Tiny food plushies made from a Klutz-brand pattern

an old Pennsylvania license plate cut into the shape of PA  four painted christmas ornaments

Tutoring and Public Speaking

With over ten years of public speaking experience and nearly ten additional years of public speaking instruction experience, I am a capable speaker with regular commendations for my performances.

I may be contracted for events including plenary speaking, emceeing, and workshops. I specialize in public speaking education, but I can assist with writing tutoring as well. I am unable to provide tutoring in maths or science.